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Therapeutic Massage

woman-getting-massage-treatment_4460x4460We cater each massage’s pressure to what the client needs that day. The deeper the pressure the more tension & adhesions we can break up. However, sometimes this can feel less relaxing to some clients. Please let us know what you are looking for!

**Due to the huge increase in no-shows & last minute cancellations from new clientele; new clients are required to pre-pay.
*Pre-payment of services are non-refundable. 

Duration & Rates

30min $55             60min $85

90 min $115             2 hr $175

Hot Stone Massage:
90min $125
Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage:
90Min $125
Muscle Meltdown:
This treatment combines Hot Stones & Massage Cupping: 90min $125
Prenatal Massage
You must be past your first trimester in order to safely receive massage therapy. This service is not a deep massage as prenatal massage is not appropriate for deep pressure.

60min  $85

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® is a barefoot massage modality that uses deep compression and long soothing strokes. The therapist holds onto bars in the ceiling and provides all massage strokes with the feet. The massage therapist’s body weight is used to apply pressure and relax the muscles! Compression movements help relieve muscle pain and spasm while elongating the spine. A dramatic increase in circulation brings freshly oxygenated blood to the areas being treated. AOBT works like a steamroller for your lymphatic system, pushing toxins out at a very high rate. The continuous deep tissue pressure that is delivered with the feet covers much larger areas at once than your hands. The foot is broad and makes the compression smooth and sumptuous not bony or prodding like using an elbow, thumb or massage tool. After only a few treatments, clients have improved posture, increased range of motion, improvement in bodily functions, and feel a sense of well being!

60min $95                      90min $125

Body and Soul

A one hour massage with thirty minutes of Reiki. Helping the physical issues as well as the mental/emotional.

90min $120

Treat Your Feet

This service combines relaxing foot massage as well as the concepts of reflexology. Beneficial in stimulating organs & muscles in the rest of the body. 

30min $65                      60min $90


This is not a massage. The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for energies to come through and filter to the client. A great meditation technique. The Reiki energy can help with mental, physical and emotional stresses.

30min $50                    60min $80

Hybrid Session With Stephanie Jefferson LMT
This session goes outside the restriction of one specific modality, combining everything I have been trained in over the past 16 years. Designed for clients who are not improving with just a regular 90min session! Emailed SOAP notes included w/feedback & suggestions for at home care. 
90min $155
Raindrop Technique

60Min $120

Massage Cupping: This is a very unique treatment which creates negative pressure on the muscles. Cupping is very effective in breaking up scar tissue and, if done so early on, can reduce scarring from surgical procedures. Many clients feel like the benefits of the massage “last longer” when they receive a massage with cupping. For more information visit www.massagecupping.com Massage Cupping can be incorporated into all of our sessions free of charge! Please let us know before your session.

Deep tissue

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