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With Stephanie Jefferson AMH, LMT, CMT, RM

After fifteen years of providing massage & bodywork to thousands of clients. I have come to a point in my career where I want to serve more. I want to HELP MORE. The amount of people who come to me hoping for a quick fix, only to go home and do nothing further to better their situation, is all too familiar.

I have been in a place of burn out, frustration and illness. I also know how magnificent it feels to get on the other side. This is why I am now offering Body Mind Coaching.

Three and Six Month Coaching Programs are available (Can be done virtually or in-person)

Total Well Being Program offers customized coaching, bodywork & chiropractic for a three month period!

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The below sessions are available via the reguale system for booking massages. However, I am blocking out (holding) space for these sessions specifically. Please reachout to book, if nothing online works for you!

CLICK HERE to book an in-office Hybrid Session OR a Body Mind Session

Hybrid Session: This session goes outside the restriction of one specific modality. It could include warm stones, ashi, massage cupping, essential oils, myofascial work, sports massage, reiki; session could include two modalities or a combination of everything I have been trained in over the past 15 years. Designed for clients who need more. Who are not improving with just a regular 90min session! Emailed SOAP notes included w/feedback & suggestions for at home self-care.

Body-Mind Session: This session will help you connect your body to the mind so you can truly feel better. Sessions can last up to two hours; & include bodywork & Body Mind coaching.

What exactly does “Body Mind” mean?

The Body Mind approach is a unique system that helps clients understand that when we listen to our bodies, we can heal physical ailments, decrease stress & reach our full potential. Our society is taught to think with the brain in our heads, more than the brains in our body. It’s no wonder so many people feel like they are running in a hamster wheel of stress/discomfort… because they are. They are stuck in their heads running the same loop. Let’s break that cycle & change your life!

I look forward to working with you & guiding you towards Total Well-Being!

Peace, Love & Magic, Stephanie Jefferson