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Manifest Your Magic


The Total Well-Being Program & Life Coaching!

With Stephanie Jefferson AMH, LMT, CMT, RM

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After fifteen years of providing massage & bodywork to thousands of clients. I have come to a point in my career where I want to DO more. I want to HELP MORE. The amount of people who come to me hoping for a quick fix, only to go home and do nothing further to better their situation, is all too familiar.

The real magic is in the brave souls who are sick & tired of being sick & tired. They listen, they go home & implement the tricks & advice given to them. They work hard to change. Then month by month, we work together on what helps & learn from what didn’t. Before you know it. They are legitimately feeling great! I want MORE clients like this. I want to help on a deeper level & accelerate what I am already doing with each of you on a daily basis!

Total Well-Being Program:

Program is a three month commitment. Clients will be required to purchase program upfront; to ensure they are committed. There are no refunds. If client decides it is too much work, and they back out, they for-go the cost. Appointments for bodywork session & coaching session with Stephanie will be laid out upon sign up. Once client has signed up they then can book their chiropractic sessions with Dr. Alisha. This is a life coaching program, combined with bodywork! The intent is to address the WHYs to your stresses, your aches & pains, in a much more detailed….life changing approach! Program Includes: Bi-weekly 90min Hybrid Massage Sessions Chiropractic Adjustments with Pure Chiropractic SOAP notes for every bodywork session (documentation on what was found during the session & at home care suggestions) 30min Bi-weekly Power Sessions to go over goals & assignments Weekly email support/check-ins Literature, as they pertain to client’s goals Essential oils to enhance self-care & well-being


Work on achieving your goals, overcoming fears & becoming the best version of yourself!
This includes individual coaching sessions only. No bodywork. Power meetings will occur every week for a three or six month period.

Session can be via face-time or in-person at Intuitive Touch!

I look forward to working with you & guiding you towards Total Well-Being!

Peace, Love & Magic, Stephanie Jefferson

For more information or questions email Stephanie at: intuitivetouchnh@gmail.com